1 track                           € 45,-



2 tracks                         € 85,-
3 tracks                         € 125,-
4 tracks                         € 160,-
5 tracks                         € 190,-
6 tracks                         € 210,-
7 tracks                         € 240,-
8 tracks                         € 270,-
9 tracks                         € 300,-
10 tracks                       € 330,-
11 tracks                        € 350,-
12 tracks                       € 380,-
13 tracks                       € 410,-
14 tracks                       € 440,-
15 tracks                       € 470,-

What is included in the price?

Everything you need:

– High resolution WAV masters at 16-bit 44.1kHz.
– Detailed advise to improve the mix, if necessary.
– All revisions needed to the mastering to reach the result you want.
– Mp3 format when required.
– ISRC codes encoded onto the master, when provided.

If your project requires alternate formats, we can create optimized versions listed below.

-Vinyl premasters – €10,- per song

-High Resolution Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) – €10,- per song

-Master for streaming (spotify, deezer, etc)  €5,- per song

-Instrumental/Radio/vocal/edits – €10,- per song

-Stem Mastering (max. 6 stems €60,- per song

-DDP Image (for CD manufacturing) €30,-

Additional passes with identical settings in the same session.(Instrumental, Acapella, Dub, Radio Edit, etc.)
We offer any unlikely revisions that are required for free, until you are satisfied.
Revised mixes that require new mastering settings are charged as a new song, €40,-  iTunes version, (This version is made to the standards of  Mastered for Itunes (MFIT) as defined by Apple. Statinski Mastering is an Apple certified MFIT mastering studio.

-Attended Sessions:

Join your  mastering engineer in  our studio and get a first hand look at the process behind mastering your music project. €65,- per hour

Payment Options:

We have 2 payment options to pay for the mastering.
The payment can be done by using Bank money Transfer or via Paypal.
We will send out your invoice with all payment and bank details.
Be sure to include your name, company and address.
Invoices should be payed stating the invoice-number.
All payments must be done in advance.

   All prices are excluding 21% BTW

All prices are excluding 21% VAT.